Kuroco, the Enterprise Headless CMS

Manage and Customize your APIs with Ease

Kuroco allows you to customize your backend API endpoints on a granular level, making it the most flexible headless CMS on the market.

Kuroco lets you build a custom backend for your different frontends

Empower your frontend teams.

Frontend developers should be able to focus on building better UIs for users, without worrying about having access to the right API endpoints.

Gain peace of mind, while reducing backend overhead.

Kuroco's API highly secure as well as flexible. You can be sure the backend infratructure is working as it should, with customizations a few easy clicks away.

Kuroco has Swagger UI built right in, making endpoint testing a breeze.

Building out and testing API endpoints can be a headache with other headless CMS platforms. Kuroco was built with API management in mind, and is the most customizable platform on the market.

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