Kuroco, the Enterprise Headless CMS

Manage your digital content with ease, optimized for any front end!

Kuroco separates the back-end and front-end concerns of your software, and connects them via API.

Are you seeking digital transformation?

Efficiency. Scalability. Security.

A headless CMS is an improved version of the traditional CMS platforms that have been used in web development for decades - offering many new benefits over its predecessors.

Enterprise Systems Renewal

An enterprise headless CMS can help companies to open up their legacy systems using APIs. In most cases is not necessary to rebuild the older systems - it is sufficient to add an orchestration or API gateway layer on top of it, that can communicate with outside clients.

Use Case Comparisons

Kuroco Users

  • • View content on a variety of devices.
  • • Want to integrate services they are currently using with vendor services.
  • • Want to develop systems with a UI/UX focus.
  • • Want to consolidate the work of designers, engineers, and writers.
  • • Are looking for a CMS made for enterprises.

Traditional CMS Users

  • • Are looking for an all-in-one system.
  • • Lack the resources for frontend embedding.
  • • Don’t need integration with other systems.
  • • Are not familiar with a multi-company working style.

Wordpress Users

  • • Want to launch their sites as soon as possible.
  • • Are not looking for long-term operations (tend to be short-term users).
  • • Want to build small-scale websites.
  • • Want to take charge of everything on their own.
  • • Prefer to use technology they are already familiar with.

Pricing Model

Sample Plan:
Media Website with 1 Million Page Views/Month
  • Based on an estimated date transfer of 1 MB per page
  • Assuming main usages are traffic and cached API requests
$275 / per month
Start immediately with our free plan:
Flexible, cost-effective, and fully usage-based pricing. No setup fees.
  • API Request: $0.46 / 1000 hits
  • Cached: $0.37 / 10,000 hits
  • Computing: $0.0001 / 100ms
  • Data Transfer: $2 / 10GB
  • Mail: $0.1 / 100 emails
  • File Storage: $0.5 / 1GB
Up to $12 free usage / per month
Sample Plan:
Active Membership Website with 1000 Users
  • Assuming main usages are API requests and e-mails
$180 / per month

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Manage your content with ease, optimized for any front end!