Kuroco, the Enterprise Headless CMS

Tap into the Power of Serverless Functions

Kuroco comes with serverless functions integrated out-of-the-box, allowing your app to do much more on the frontend with less on the backend.

How can Serverless Functions benefit your Enterprise?

Scalability, speed, flexibility.

Serverless approaches allow developers to create new apps in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

More time to devote to user experience.

Users don’t care about backend systems - they care about features and their own experience using the product. Serverless architecture frees up resources for your team to focus on keeping users happy.

Kuroco does the heavy lifting for you on the backend, saving you time to build the user interfaces you need.

Less overhead means more resources available, and more timely deployments for your software.

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Kuroco is here to help your enterprise with all its Serverless needs.