Topics edit

You can edit a topic here.

How to access Topic edit page

Click the [title] of desired topic on the topic list page. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

Topics edit item description

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Topic IDTopic ID which is automatically generated
DateYou can set the date of the topic.
TitleInput the title of the topic
ContentsInput the content of the topic.

*Items are displayed according to the extra column settings on the topic group setting page.

Other settings

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Display in the listwhether to display on the list.
Higher-ranked displaywhether to display as higher or normal rank
Access LimitYou can put an access limit with the condition which was set on the Custom Search page.

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Select tag(s) which is(are) related to the topic. To add a new tag, click [Add new tag].

Topics open relation settings

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Send Notification

Related NotificationYou can link a notification to send with the topic.
If you set it, the notification edit page will be displayed when adding/updating the article.

Publish settings

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Publishpublish the content
Unpublishunpublish the content
Schedule publishingYou can setup publishing start date and finishing date.

Buttons & Update comment

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Updatesave settings
Save as draftsave the settings without updating it
PreviewYou can check the preview of the topic.
cf.) Integrate preview page using Kuroco & Nuxt.js
Deletedelete the topic
Update commentYou can leave a comment when updating the topic setting.

If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or Slack workspace.