Topics list

You can check the topics list in each topics group here.

How to access Topics list page

From the content structure(topics group list) page, click [Topics list] link in desired topics group. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

Topics list items description

Image (fetched from Gyazo)

SearchYou can filter the topics list by specifying condition(s).
PublicIt shows if the topic is published or not.
Image from Gyazo: Published
fetched from Gyazo: With access limit
Image from Gyazo: Unpublished
Topic IDtopic ID which is generated automatically
Datethe date which was set on the topic
Titletitle of the topic
Categorycategory of the topic
Tagtag(s) which was set in the topic
Last updatethe date in which the topic has been last updated

Batch process

By checking checkbox(es) at the first column and clicking any of [Publish],[Unpublish] or [Delete] button, you can modify list item(s) at once.

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