Custom search

Use the custom search editor screen to configure custom search conditions.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Campaign] -> [Member].

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On the member list screen, click the [Member] link above the page title and select [Custom search] in the dropdown menu. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

On the custom search list screen, click the custom search name to go to the custom search editor. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

Item descriptions

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IDUnique ID of the current search conditions (automatically assigned).
Custom search nameName for the current search conditions.
AccessGroups allowed to access the current search conditions.
Module search conditionsSpecifies a module search condition.
Use for authority settingsSpecifies whether to use the current search conditions for authorization settings.
MemoUse this field for any comments or memos about the current search conditions.

Custom search section

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[Check targets]Click to view the results that correspond to the search conditions you specified above.
TabsThe tabs allow you to specify custom search conditions for the following modules:
  • member
  • inquiry
  • e-commerce
  • function

See: Using custom searches for a detailed tutorial on setting up custom search conditions.

Other actions

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UpdateApplies the changes you made to the custom search conditions.
DeleteDeletes the current custom search conditions.

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