Login history

You can check the login history here.

How to access Login history page

Click [Operation] -> [Log management].
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Login history Item Description

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You can filter the list by specifying some conditions such as group and period. If you specify the same date on the period, the login history on that day is displayed. To filter the data, input conditions and click [Search] button.

GroupSelect groups to filter.
Login memberYou can filter the list to only the specified member.text
Date(start)The data with the login date after this date(time: 00:00:00) will be displayed.YYYY/MM/DD
Date(end)The data with the login date before this date(time: 23:59:59) will be displayed.YYYY/MM/DD
ReferrerYou can filter the list based on the refferertext

Regarding the group

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All the existing groups are displayed. Select groups which you want to filter.

Regarding the user

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Click the [...] button next to the text box and the dialog in which you can select the user pops up. Select the group and user you want to filter. You can select only 1 user.

Log list

Login timelogin date & time
Logout timelogout date & time
Namename of the login user
Groupthe group in which the user belongs to
E-mailuser's email
Login IDlogin user's ID
IP addressIP address of the login process
UserAgentUser Agent & OS info of the login process
ReferrerURL which the user logged in