Using custom searches

Custom searches enable users to search for specific members. They also allow you to set access permissions for pages, define notification recipients, and perform other tasks.

1. Go to the custom search screen

Search conditions can be specified on the custom search screen. To access it, select [Operation] -> [Custom search] in the sidebar menu.

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On the custom search list screen, click [Add] in the upper right corner.

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2. Configure the search condition settings

Fill out the custom search editor with your desired settings. Refer to User guide: Custom search for more information on the input fields.

Sample input:

  • Custom search name: New and regional members
  • Access: All members
  • Module search conditions: AND
  • Use for authority settings: Check "Use"
  • Memo: [leave blank]

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3. Input your search condition

You can specify search conditions for the member, search, e-commerce, and function modules.

Below is an example of a search for members who have registered within the last 30 days and who live in Tokyo or abroad.

a. Set up a filter for members who have registered within the last 30 days

Under the "Member" tab, select [Insert Date] -> [Relative] -> [>=] and enter today -30 day in the textbox.

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b. Add grouped conditions

Click ▼ next to the [Add] button and select [Add grouped condition].

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c. Set up a second filter for members whose address is located in Tokyo or abroad

Under "Grouped conditions", select [Prefecture] -> [in] -> [Tokyo]. Then, click [Add] and select [Prefecture] -> [in] -> [Abroad].

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d. Select the logical operator

Set the outermost oeprator (between the date and the prefecture filter) to AND, and the operator within the grouped condition (between the two prefecture selections) to OR.

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4. View your search results

Click [Check targets] and verify the search results. If there are no errors, click [Add] at the bottom of the screen to save this custom search condition.

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Specifying relative dates

While the above example uses a relative date specification of today -30 day, you can configure different dates using the PHP date and time format.


Target dateInput
Yesterday at 12:00yesterday noon, yesterday 12:00
End of next monthlast day of next month
Specific date2021-03-24
First Saturday of January, 2021first sat of January 2021
Relative datee.g., +5 weeks, +12 day, -6 month

Functions that allow custom searches

Custom search conditions as configured above can be used in the following functions.

Content access restrictions

"Access restriction" under "Other settings" in the content editor.

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Notification recipients

The "Default recipients" selection in the notification editor.

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Inquiry viewing restrictions

"View restriction" in the "Basic settings" tab of the inquiry editor.

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Member list

You can use existing custom search conditions to filter the member list.

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If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.