Kuroco roadmap

Currently, we are focusing on improving the UI/UX of Kuroco's admin panel and developing external integrations.

Upcoming official releases




New Features

Content Management

  • Option to specify targets in tag categories. This allows you to limit the tags that can be used for a specific content group.
  • Thumbnail display of images set for content on the content list page.


  • New slug setting for additional fields in the Form module. (This feature already exists in the Content and Member modules).
  • Expanded the form structure to include over 100 available additional fields.
  • Added a function to register members upon receipt of form responses.


  • Endpoint for uploading files from front-end WYSIWYG editor to Kuroco's File Manager.
  • Added parameters to filter results to the API of Magazine::list.
  • Added parameter to sort tags by category.

Member Management

  • Member tags can be used as a filter condition in custom member filters.


  • User-defined start and end date times for sales ranking aggregation periods (previously fixed to the past 6 days).

File manager

  • Maintain credits and descriptions (strings) in File Manager.


  • {api} plugin to store responses from external APIs in JSON format.
  • Timeout parameter available for {api} plug-ins.
  • SMS, OTP 2-step verification functionality in Kuroco's administration screen.
  • Preview function in NuxtAuth sample site.

Admin panel UI/UX improvements

  • Display is changed when using the content extension "Related Information Selection".
  • Number of custom processes being set for pre-processing and post-processing of endpoints is displayed.

Design improvements will be made to the following sub-modules:

  • Content Structure Editor
  • Form Editor
  • Member - Advanced Settings
  • The location of [Custom domain/TLS certificate] will be moved from KurocoFront to Environment.
  • The sidebar will be able to expand and collapse.


The schedule for Later Releases will be announced when the details are finalized.

If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or Slack workspace.