Maximizing your customer experience
with our API-centric platform design

Develop system-free applications with an enterprise headless CMS.
Our backend-for-frontends (BFFs) platform enables a smooth UI/UX
that is key to customer experience.
Cut development costs by using your favorite programming languages as is.
Say goodbye to the backend nightmares of traditional system development.
Pick and choose the features you want anytime with no limits.

Over 4,000 companies have used our service

Our clients include a wide range of organizations, from corporations to SMEs in finance, trade, manufacturing, IT, and other fields.

*Including clients of Kuroco's predecessor, the RCMS.

Why choose Kuroco?

With the experience of the RCMS, the 100% Japanese-made Kuroco has been adopted by numerous financial institutions and corporations,
evolving into a headless CMS well suited to our times.

Benefits of a headless CMS

Problems with the traditional CMS

  • Creating touchpoints with customers on various devices

    Managing website and app data centrally

  • Combining the best aspects of multiple companies and services

    Integrating core systems and marketing tools through API

  • Replacing top priority content when the overall requirements have yet to be determined

    Improving the UI only without a complete revamp

Solutions from the headless CMS

  • Multi-device compatibility

    Kuroco outputs data via API, so it can be displayed on different devices

  • Seamless integration of external systems and data

    Since data is sent and retrieved via API, it can be easily integrated with external systems

  • Structure designed for gradual introduction

    You can partially implement or phase in your new Kuroco site to replace your existing website

Comparison with other/traditional CMSs

  • Kuroco users

    • view content on a variety of devices

    • want to integrate the services they are currently using with the vendor’s services

    • want to develop systems with a UI/UX focus

    • want to consolidate the work of designers, engineers, and writers

    • are looking for a CMS made for enterprises

  • Traditional CMS users

    • are looking for an all-in-one system

    • lack the resources for frontend embedding

    • don't need integration with other systems

    • are not familiar with a multi-company working style

  • WordPress users

    • want to launch their sites as soon as possible

    • are not looking for long-term operations;
      they tend to be short-term users

    • want to build small-scale websites

    • want to take charge of everything on their own

    • prefer to use technology they are already familiar with

Full functionality and scalability to meet your enterprise needs

Kuroco's detailed functions and API-centric design greatly reduce backend man-hours, leveraging customer information for quick and easy delivery of a personalized experience.

More functionality and expandability than traditional headless CMS

Kuroco is available in all languages and frameworks that work with REST APIs

*Other services and systems may be available

Pricing model

Flexible, cost-effective, and fully usage-based pricing

No setup fees. Start immediately with our free plan up to $12/month of data usage.

If pay-as-you-go doesn't match your needs, we also offer monthly fee estimates or fixed-price contracts.

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