Made in Japan with love

What does
Kuroco mean?


In Japan, a Kuroco is a backstage helper of traditional theatre plays. While the show takes place on the front stage, a Kuroco makes sure that things run smoothly in the back, enabling that everything runs flawlessly and actors can focus on their performance.

This is the main concept behind Kuroco – a headless CMS that lets you focus on the distribution of personalized content and the development of a delightful front-end without having to worry about manually updating content, correct language display, or slow performance. Kuroco is built on the knowledge and technology of RCMS, a Japanese CMS we have been developing and successfully running since 20 years.


  • 2005

    is founded

  • 2006

    RCMS by Diverta
    is Japan’s most famous
    enterprise CMS

  • 2020

    is released

  • 2021

    Kuroco Front/Files is released

  • 2021?

    New features
    will be released

Made in Japan with love

Kuroco is made by Diverta Inc., an enterprise CMS development company founded in 2005 with over 4,000 customers. Diverta Inc. is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo and is run by a team of over 60 people.

At Diverta our mission is to create and delight. To make this mission a reality, we created public set of judging criteria called the Diverta Way principles.

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