Features & Expandability

Full functionality and scalability to meet your enterprise needs
Kuroco's detailed functions and API-centric design greatly reduce backend man-hours, leveraging customer information for quick and easy delivery of a personalized experience.


  • Powerful personalization function

    Membership site-building features, content distribution functions that allow flexible viewing permissions, and form configurations for collecting a wide range of data.

    • Login and logout feature

    • Password reminder

    • Content distribution

    • Notifications

    • Questionnaires and inquiry forms

  • API integration function

    Freely create your own REST API endpoints and run tests in your browser with Swagger UI.

    • Flexible endpoint settings

    • API customization

    • Cookies, authentication tokens, and other security options.

    • Swagger UI

    • IP restrictions

  • Security

    Advanced security measures for enterprises such as API settings, IP address restrictions, free TLS certificates, WAF, and DDoS protection are all included in our standard package.

    • ISMS/ISO 27001

    • API authentication settings

    • Access restrictions to the admin panel by IP

    • SAML integration

  • KurocoFront

    KurocoFront is a CDN-based static content hosting service. It allows you to use original domains, TLS certificates, basic authentication, IP address restrictions, and other services within Kuroco.

  • CDNs

    Rapid delivery of centralized content to any device using cacheable API endpoints provided via a CDN.

  • Multi-language and location function

    Features to set content in multiple languages and obtain the country and prefecture of your site visitors.

  • CRM function

    • Customer information management

    • Detailed definitions of member information

    • Notification dispatch

    • Segmented e-mail deliveries

  • E-commerce

    • Billing system integration

    • Product and SKU registration

    • Sales and order management

    • Recurring billing system setup


  • Low-code approach

    Rich customization features, including customizable APIs, external integration options, and functions to integrate with other microservices. Combine API calls, connect to external services, or create your own using custom API scripts.

    • Content structure

    • Flexible API design

    • Customizable admin panel

    • Original processes

  • Admin panel customization

    Customize the admin panel design. Replace elements of the admin panel with Vue.js, or hide unnecessary components using CSS.

    • Change the overall panel color

    • Set the display language

    • Add widgets to the dashboard

    • Apply CSS to the content editor

  • Enterprise-friendly design

    • Separate system environments (production, staging, development)

    • Approval workflow settings

    • Detailed authentication mechanisms

  • External system integrations

    • Slack notifications

    • SMS notifications

    • External services(e.g., Salesforce)

Lists of capabilities required for enterprise systems

  • Reliability

    The ability of the system to operate consistently at the expected performance.

  • Performance

    The capacity for high-speed and efficient processing.

  • Maintainability

    The ease with which the system can be updated or modified.

  • Usability

    The ability for end-users to easily use the system.

  • Compatibility

    The capacity to integrate with other systems and applications.

  • Portability

    The ability to move and adapt the system across different environments.

  • Availability

    The proportion of time the system is accessible.

  • Disaster Recovery

    The ability to quickly recover from disasters or failures.

  • Security

    The capability to protect the system and ensure data safety.

  • Observability

    The ability to monitor and understand the state of the system.

  • Searchability

    A measure of how easily information can be found.

  • Redundancy

    The improvement of reliability and availability through duplication of systems or processes.

  • Scalability

    The ability of the system to expand and adapt to growth and changes.

Kuroco is available in all languages and frameworks that work with REST APIs

*Other services and systems may be available

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