Below are Kuroco's customer support services and hours.

Type of support

1. Kuroco documentation

In Kuroco documentations, you can find how to use Kuroco and frequently asked questions.
When you encounter an issue, please start by checking here first.

See Kuroco documentation

2. Slack community

We have set up an online community to handle Kuroco usage and consultation on Slack.

Join Kuroco Slack community

3. Inquiry form

If you cannot find a solution on the support site, please contact us using the Contact Form.

Contact form

Customer support business hours

We check all the inquiries sent by our customers within the following business hours and respond from the oldest.

  • Business hours: Weekday 11:00〜18:30 (JST)
  • Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, and company holiday

Our company's working style is described in "Compensation day off for public holidays", so we may reply in holidays as well.

Note about inquiries

  • For inquiries received outside our business hours, we can reply starting the next business day.
  • For inquiries sent on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we will reply on the next business day.
  • If you need an urgent response, we may be able to respond even outside business hours. Please let us know that when you contact us.
  • We try to reply within 1 business day after receiving your inquiry, but the response time still depends on the contents, and the queued inquires in the support center.

Scope of support

Free support and paid support

Depending on the content of your inquiry, there are some requests we can handle free of charge while others are paid services.
If you couldn't determine whether your inquiry is within the scope of free or paid support, please let us know. Once we check your request, we'll reply to you initially within the scope of free support.

Please note that paid support is a service solely provided to customers who have a contract for the paid version of Kuroco.

The scope of Free support

  • Inquiry about Kuroco's basic usage
  • Inquiry about the specifications
  • Inquiry about bugs

The scope of paid support

  • Inquiry about the frontend
  • Inquiry about how to write HTML,CSS or Smarty
  • Inquiries about general-purpose technology
  • Solutions for site-specific problems
  • Site settings and investigating issues you are experiencing
  • Inquiry about building the site

Regarding the investigation

It's difficult to investigate issues if we are unable to reproduce the issue or problematic behavior, so please make sure to include the 2 points below when contacting our customer support. If we cannot repeat the issue's behavior, we may not be able to investigate it. Please contact us with as many details as possible regarding the reproduction steps.

  • URL of the page where you can reproduce the issue/behavior
  • Steps to reproduce the issue/behavior

Regarding the technical consulting

In addition to free and paid support, we also offer technical consulting (paid), in which a dedicated project manager is assigned to provide support and share information on the building process. Please refer to the page 15 in Kuroco Explanatory material regarding the site building support.
If you'd like to get more details, feel free to contact us using our contact form, or contact the person in charge from our sales department (mentioned on page 18 in the above explanatory material).

If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or Slack workspace.