Member batch process

The member batch process screen enables you to upload and download member information in bulk.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Campaign] -> [Member].

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On the member list screen, click the [Member] link above the page title and select [Batch process] in the dropdown menu. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

Download member list

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Download by group(s)Click [Select the output group(s).] to choose the user group lists you want to download.
Extract data with custom searchFilter the download list using existing custom member filter.
Output patternSelect the list output criterion:
  • Download 1 ~ X: Downloads a list of all members.
  • Random _ items (within X): Randomly selects the specified number of members to be included in the downloaded list.
CharsetCharacter encoding of the output CSV file.
Output columns settingsClick [Select the output column(s).] to include items as columns in the output CSV file.


DownloadDownloads a list of members based on the above settings.
File downloadメンバー拡張でファイルを設定している場合に、メンバー情報に登録したファイルをダウンロードすることができます。


You can batch upload member information in a CSV file using the corresponding member ID as the key. Entries with no member ID will be treated as new registrations.

Note: You can delete a member by setting the corresponding delete flag value to 1.

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File settingsSelect a CSV file from your local drive to upload.
CharsetCharacter encoding of the uploaded CSV file.
No value behaviorConfigure actions for missing values.
  • Password settings: Checking the "Randomly generated" box sets a random password for any newly added members.
  • Search from 'E-mail' when 'Member ID' is not available.: Enabling this option sets the e-mail address as the key instead of the member ID.
    (Note: Entries with invalid e-mail addresses will not be registered.)
  • Search from 'Login ID' when 'Member ID' is not available.: Enabling this option sets the login ID as the key instead of the member ID.
    (Note: Entries with invalid login IDs will not be registered.)
Registered groupsSpecifies the user group(s) for the uploaded member list. If no options are specified in the CSV or the dropdown list below, new members will be assigned based on the default group settings, and existing members will retain their current group settings.


SendUpdates member information using the uploaded CSV file.
Send by batch processingBatch processes the upload. Use this option if the uploaded file contains a large number of items.

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