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Kuroco roadmap

Currently, we are focusing on improving the UI/UX of Kuroco's admin panel and developing external integrations.


Jan. Next releases

New Features


  • API to retrieve login history will be added.

Contents Management

Member Management

Custom Function

  • A Smarty plugin {backup_delete} will be added to delete backups.

UI Changes

  • The input for identifiers (IDs) in custom trigger settings will become a selection format.


  • Corrects the behavior where specifying items not present in the Convert list of post-processing results in adding empty items to the response.
  • Reviews the calculation method of items when specifying the Allow list of post-processing, enhancing performance.

Apr. Later releases

The schedule for Later Releases will be announced when the details are finalized.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.