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Kuroco roadmap

Currently, we are focusing on improving the UI/UX of Kuroco's admin panel and developing external integrations.


Oct. Next releases

New Features

Content Management

  • An extended field of boolean type that returns TRUE/FALSE logical values will be added as an additional item for content.

  • You will be able to set values arbitrarily for full-text search. By using the PDF text conversion plugin, you can also search the contents of PDF files.

  • You will be able to add answers to multiple forms in a single request.

  • You will be able to delete generated CSV download links.

  • The Wysiwyg editor will have the ability to input in Markdown format.

  • After uploading the CSV file for content, you will be able to execute the GitHub Actions integrated with it.

  • Automatic Slug generation feature will be added.

Member Management


  • An extended field of boolean type that returns TRUE/FALSE logical values will be added as an additional item for form settings.


  • The parameters self_only and required_key will be added to the endpoints of MagazineSubscriber::subscribe/unsubscribe.

  • An API will be added to retrieve login history.

  • Parameters will be added to the responses of the Topics::list and Topics::details endpoints to include information about the "public setting" start date and end date of the content.

  • When sorted by location, additional distance information from the specified location will be included in the response.
    Additionally, filters based on distance information will be available

  • It will be possible to update grouped extended items in their original grouped JSON format through Topics::update and Topics::insert.

  • Filters can be applied using contents_type_list, contents_type_2, and contents_type_3 within the content.
    This enables refining for the second and third categories.

  • The request parameter search_mail_address will be added to MagazineSubscriber::list.
    This allows searching for subscribers registered with email addresses, subscribers registered with member IDs, or both using email addresses.

  • The _async parameter will be added to the endpoints of Member::bulk_upsert and InquiryMessage::bulk_upsert.

  • Limits on the maximum concurrent connections to the API will be enforced. If you exceed the limits, a 429 error will be returned.

    • For uncached API access: Concurrent connections per hostname: 200 (If an API endpoint takes 300ms per response and receives 200 simultaneous connections for an hour, it will result in 2.4 million requests. Therefore, most customers will not hit the rate limit.)
    • For cached API access: Concurrent connections: Unlimited


  • You will be able to download daily CSV reports of the usage status under [Settings] > [Usage].

  • In [Environment] -> [Site settings], you will be able to add notes in the form of #comments to the Member Registration Domain Allow List and the Member Registration Domain Deny List.
    Example: #Diverta

  • In the "Props" section of the admin panel plugin (Vue), you will be able to pass constants and partial member information.

  • A feature for logging in to the subsite via SSO will be added.

  • The DELETE method is allowed for the {api} Smarty plugin.

UI Changes

  • The input for identifiers (IDs) in custom trigger settings will become a selection format.

Jan. Later releases

The schedule for Later Releases will be announced when the details are finalized.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.