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About profile API

How can I add all the information of the content selected in the relational data selection to the response?

After linking with SendGrid, URL in e-mail is replaced

Is Kuroco service server redundant?

Are there any restrictions on using KurocoFront?

Can I access KurocoFront through a proxy server?

Can I access the operational logs of the admin panel?

Can you add the _lang parameter in the preview function for secondary languages?

Can I add or update workflow content via API?

Can I adjust the appearance of the admin panel?

Can I attach files from other content structure via File Manager?

Can I change the password character limits?

Can I change the sender's e-mail address from `` to my own address?

Can I change the session timeout duration?

Can I change the time selection interval for the content publication date and time settings?

Can the URL of the site I am currently using be used in Kuroco?

Is it possible to implement a site-wide search function?

Can I create content in the secondary language only?

Can XML sitemaps be created with Kuroco?

Can I customize my thank-you e-mails?

Can I customize the display of tables on the content editing screen?

Can I disable password reuse?

Can a site be displayed without "www" on its own domain?

Can I freely modify the order of the content list?

Can I import TLS certificates into front-end servers provided by Diverta?

Can I modify the display of the content editor screen?

I put content under the wrong content structure. Can I move it to another content group?

Can I obtain the date and time stamp at different points in Smarty?

Can I prevent sources entered into the WYSIWYG editor from being automatically converted?

Can I request additions or modifications to the specifications or functions?

Can I send HTML or plain text e-mails depending on the recipient's environment?

Can I set a custom time period for the date selection in my form response messages?

Can I set a login expiration date?

Can I set an expiration date for login passwords?

Can I set different topic group displays for the user groups?

Can I set initial values or placeholders for form items?

Can I set my content publishing status to "Unpublish" by default?

Can I specify or change topic IDs?

Can I upload topics using CSV files?

Can I use basic authentication?

Can I use basic authentication only on the staging site?

Can I use conversion tracking tags?

Can I use KurocoFile images in additional fields?

Can I use multiple custom domain emails?

Can I use my custom domain for the sender address?

Can pages without internal links be generated with Nuxt.js SSG?

Is there any way to reduce API requests when generating pages in Nuxt.js SSG?

Can I use single sign-on using OAuth?

Can I use single sign-on using SAML?

Can I use the admin panel with Internet Explorer 11?

Can I use third-party GitHub applications?

Can I use WAFs with Kuroco?

Is there a reference document for using the front_nuxt_auth template?,

Can custom function output logs for debugging purposes?

Can you audit my security checklist? (for clients based in Japan)

Can you provide TLS certificates for front-end servers that I have set up on my own?

Can you send me the findings from your vulnerability assessment?

Will I still be Charged for Sending Emails Even if I Have a Contract with SendGrid?

Do I need a separate server from Kuroco's infrastructure if I want to generate static files?

Do I need to obtain an SSL certificate on my own?

Are there any documents regarding the API specifications?

Does KurocoFiles support Nuxt Image?

Does Kuroco use the Japanese or Western calendar system for dates?

E-mails sent from Kuroco are going to spam. What should I do?

Narrow down API responses by content category

Narrowing down API responses by tag category

Can I modify the contents of the notification e-mails sent to admins?

How to use GitHub Actions to deploy at any time other than content updates?




Can the API respond in formats other than JSON?

How to calculate the free usage limit for Kuroco fees

How do I change my domain name?

How do I change the display language of the admin panel?

How do I check my browser version?

I added a parameter to the image URL, but the image is still not cleared from the cache. What should I do?

How do I create a HAR file?

How do I display inquiry numbers (submission no.) in e-mail notifications?

How do I edit the widget at the top of the administration screen?

How do I fix e-mail delivery failure?

How do I free up storage space for GitHub artifacts?

How do I get responses from multiple APIs on one page?

How do I get siblings topics?

How do I handle errors in Smarty?

How do I include content from the original form submission in the thank-you e-mail?

How do I include user details in the thank-you e-mail?

How do I insert line breaks with `if` or `foreach` statements in Smarty?

How do I obtain TLS certificates for front-end servers provided by Diverta?

How do I prevent duplicate API requests?

How do I prevent login ID and password auto-fill on the add/edit member screen?

How do I reduce spam inquiries?

I am using an SSG. How do I reflect contents on the front-end immediately after updating them?

How do I restrict the viewing, downloading, and other permissions of PDF files?

How do I set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in Nuxt.js?

The member registration confirmation e-mails are not being sent out. How do I set it up?

How do I terminate my contract?

How do I upload files from the front end and associate them with content?

How do I verify my SSL certificate installation?

How do I verify requests that cannot be verified with Swagger UI?

How do I verify responses in the CDN cache?

How do I verify the hash responses used by KurocoFront?

What is the expiration date of the URL with t=... attached to the files in the ltd folder?

How much does Kuroco cost?

How do I auto-convert iframes with Kuroco?

How do I check for JS errors in my PC browser?

How do I generate reports using custom dimensions in Google Analytics?

Can you limit form responses to one per user?

Where is the best place to put static files (images, JS, CSS, etc.) used on the site?

It takes too long to build and deploy my GitHub Actions. How can I speed it up?

Can I call Kuroco's API from custom function?

I changed CORS but it is not reflected

I did not receive a thank-you (inquiry response) e-mail. What do I do?

I get an error message when I push to GitHub. How do I resolve this error?

I have a technical inquiry. Can I let a third-party company communicate directly with your Support Team?

I received an error message that reads "The update process was interrupted due to the possibility of overwriting more recent content. Please try again."


In what order are viewing restrictions applied?

Can I verify if a batch process is running?

Is it possible to create an API to search the contents of PDF files uploaded to Kuroco?

Can I retrieve unlisted content posts using API?

Can you improve the display speed from China?

Can we redirect to an arbitrary page when accessing a file without viewing permission?

Is it possible to use the GitHub repository of Diverta management?

Is there a limit to the number of e-mails I can send?

Do you have any security measures documentation?

The multi-language content in the downloaded CSV file is garbled

My site was diagnosed with a security vulnerability. What should I do?

How do I prevent my webpage from appearing in Google and other search engines?

If you reload the page or access the URL directly, it will become 404 Not Found.

The custom domain I set up is not displaying my site. What checks should I perform?

The API returns 403 FORBIDDEN even though no restrictions are applied

The ordering of the form fields is not reflected in the API. What should I do?

I cannot connect to the Kuroco API from my iPhone or Safari browser. What should I do?


What causes accounts to be locked?

What characters are allowed in member management passwords?

Which Characters Can be Used in 'Member Management' Email Addresses?

What environments do you recommend for the admin panel?

What file formats does the file manager support?

What is kuroco_front.json?

What is the Kuroco's support status for my OS version?


The content IDs seem to skip over some numbers or do not start from 1. What is the counting logic behind them?

Is there a difference between sending parameters to an endpoint by making a request via a query from the frontend and setting them through Kuroco management screen?

What is the difference in usage between Slack and contact form inquiries?

Please tell me the invoice issuance date

Please explain the logging logic behind Kuroco's login history

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded when posting content?

What is the validity period for auto-logins?

What is WHOIS?

What is your update schedule like?

What options are available for verifying member passwords?

My file updates are not reflected in KurocoFront, what should I do?

I cannot print an image. What should I do?

My images are not displaying in certain browsers. What should I do?

What should I do if the API is not working?

What should I do in case of errors?

What should I take note of when building a multi-language site?

What types of domains does Kuroco use?

What URLs cannot be used?

What vulnerability diagnostic and assessment services do you provide?

When are cached KurocoFiles cleared?

Where can I find a list of API error messages?

Where can I find the manual for Smarty?

Which authority issues the TLS certificates?

Who updates and manages the TLS certificates?

Why do I sometimes see non-existent data in past articles after modifying the content structure?