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Version control for Kuroco

This document presents a brief guide to the different versions of Kuroco.


There are currently four versions of Kuroco, and users are free to choose among three of them.
The timing of updates vary for each version, with an almost fixed schedule for the RC and the stable version.

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Selecting a version

You can select the app version in [Environment] -> [Account] under "Release".

Release notes

Release notes and roadmap information for the stable release can be found in the Kuroco release roadmap.

Intended use

Below, we explain the differences between the versions, and how to choose between them.

Development (alpha)

In the alpha version, new features and modifications are being preliminarily reflected and tested.
It is intended only a limited number of sites under construction, and is not available to users.


At this stage, new features and changes that have passed the alpha stage are applied to active sites for verification and stabilization.
Select the beta version if you want to try out the latest features.

Note: Beta-only features are labeled below in the documentation.
Beta:Release version: βversion

Release candidate (RC)

Since users cannot select the exact date and time for features to be officially released, you can use the RC version to verify how your site will behave with these features prior to the stable release.

Note: RC-only features are labeled below in the documentation.
RC:Release version: β / RCversion


This is the stable or production release.
Use it for daily operation of your site with minimal impact from the addition of new features.

By default, you will be using the stable version when you sign up for a free trial.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.