Account settings

The account settings screen enables you to view and modify your Kuroco account information.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, under "SETTINGS", click [Environment] -> [Account].

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Item descriptions

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SiteKeySite key for the account.
Site nameName of the site.
Management screen URLURL of the Kuroco management screen.
Front-end domainOption to change the front-end domain of the site.
Stage siteURL of the staging site.
API domainAPI domain of the site.
KurocoFiles domainKurocoFiles domain for the account.
MaintenanceChecking the "Enable" box deactivates the front-end domain. The management screens will not be affected.
E-mailE-mail address associated with the account. For multiple recipients, enter each address on a new line.
Company nameName of your company.
NameName associated with the account.
Registration dateDate and time the site was registered.

After you have made the changes on this screen, click [Update] to apply the new settings.