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Inquiry guidelines

We have compiled some important points to keep in mind when making inquiries in order to provide smooth support to our customers. Please read this guide carefully before sending an inquiry.

General points to keep in mind

Choosing a contact method (Slack, Inquiry Form)

  • We do not have a telephone inquiry service.
    Accurate information sharing, including capturing error messages, is best done via text-based communication.
  • Kuroco developers are also present in the Slack community, so please feel free to ask questions here if you need urgent support.
    However, please be careful about the information you provide, as it can be seen by all participants.
  • Inquiries sent via the inquiry form will be directly addressed to our Kuroco team.
    Please use this form for inquiries that contain information you do not want to share with others, such as site details.

Clearly define the problem you want to solve

Clearly state the problem you want to solve

×: The endpoint for … is not working.
○: I want to obtain data for …, so I created an endpoint for … with settings as shown in the capture.
However, when I send a request, the data for … is not included in the request. Please tell me what I can do to solve this problem.

  • When in a hurry, you may end up asking a question like the one in the first example without providing enough explanation.
  • If your issue is clearly conveyed, it will ultimately expedite the resolution process.

Share the situation that you believe is an issue

×: Batch process has stopped.
○: I started the batch process with [Run now], but the status remains "running" even after one hour has passed.

  • Please provide specific information regarding why you believe there is an issue.

Please share in detail what you want to achieve and your current situation

×: What is "Access to XMLHttpRequest..."?
×: Can you tell me how to use the ... endpoint?
○: I created an endpoint for ... to achieve ..., and when I posted the data for ..., I received the ... error. What should I do?

  • If your inquiry lacks details, it may take longer for us to confirm the issue. Please provide as much information as possible.
  • There may be several implementation methods for achieving "what you want to achieve," and the method you have tried may not be the best one for your situation.

Accurately share the situation

Consider sharing logs and screen captures

  • Providing a wide range of information related to the error can lead to early resolution in some cases.
  • Therefore, by requesting the following information at the time of the initial inquiry, we can avoid the need for further requests for detailed information and make the process of resolving the issue smoother.
    • Logs
    • Captures
    • Steps to reproduce the issue.
  • If confidential information is included, please mask it with mosaic processing or the like.
  • If there is content that you do not want other Slack community participants to see, please send it via the inquiry form.
  • We may not be able to respond to inquiries about non-Kuroco frontend development.

Share the background information

Please share the steps to reproduce the issue

  • If we cannot reproduce the problem that is occurring on your end, it will be difficult for us to investigate the issue.

  • Therefore, we kindly request you to provide us with the following information.

    • The URL of the screen where the issue can be observed.
    • Steps to reproduce the issue, including any relevant code or data that needs to be sent.
  • If we cannot confirm the problem on our end, there is a possibility that we will not be able to investigate it, so please provide us with as much detail as possible regarding the reproduction steps.

  • Please be careful not to include any confidential information when providing us with this information.

  • In some cases, sharing a HAR file, Chrome Record, or including a curl command may be clearer and more concise than providing the details in full text. Please also consider these options.

Share the steps you have already tried

×: We have tried various things, but it's not working.
○: To achieve ..., we referred to the following tutorial and tried changing the ... to ..., but we got an error at the ... step.***/

  • There are cases where Support may provide various solutions to address your issue. In such cases, Support may inadvertently suggest a solution that you have already tried (and know to be ineffective).
  • To avoid such situations, share any solutions that you have already tried to the best of your ability.
  • Even if you have determined that the implemented solution is not effective, as shown in the example sentence, please let us know the details of the solution. Changing part of the procedure may make the solution effective.

Provide context-independent inquiries

×: Member registration feature is not working. Please tell me the reason.
○: We have implemented the provisional member registration function using the Member::invite endpoint, but the invitation email is no longer being delivered. The frontend code looks like this, and on the logs, we see…

  • Our Kuroco team is not aware of how you have implemented the frontend.
  • Please provide specific details about how you have implemented the frontend and the situation you are facing in your inquiry.
  • Please avoid using your organization's unique terms or jargon in your inquiries.


×: Asking both how to use the filter function and how to use the admin panel plugin in one inquiry.
○: Asking how to use the filter function and how to use the admin panel plugin in separate inquiries.

  • Our responses will be in thread format for each inquiry.
  • Notifications for thread conversations will only be sent to members related to the thread. If a different engineer has relevant knowledge than the one who replied to the initial question, it may be faster to have a separate inquiry.
  • Also, including multiple exchanges in one thread can lead to confusion.
  • Of course, if the questions are strongly related to each other, you can send them in one inquiry. If you are unsure, please write in the most convenient way for you.

If that doesn't work

If the problem still persists, feel free to contact Support.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.