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Release notes (2023.01.17)

Here's what's new in the latest stable release version (2023.01.17):

New features

Content Management

  • A "required" checkbox for the "Slug field restrictions" field settings in the Content structure.

  • Identifier for parent items of grouped content




  • Unzipping of ZIP files directly in the File manager.

External integrations



Admin panel UI/UX improvements


  • Display the applied search conditions in the content download modal.


  • Select recipient with radio buttons in the [Send e-mail] tab.

Bug fixes

  • Image file names were not included when downloading content CSVs.
  • Firefox: Items were added twice when changing the content list display items.
  • Name changes in form name, email, category, and message were not reflected in the email template.
  • Japanese search in the admin page was not working in Firefox.
  • The Topics::bulk_upsert API could not update map content items.
  • Bug that prevented adding tags in Japanese from the content edit screen.
  • Bug that caused a system error when deleting a custom member filter from the list page.
  • CSV upload could not be performed when the "CSV download for Excel" was unchecked and the delete flag was saved as a string.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.