Can I add or update workflow content via API?

Yes, you can add or update content in an approval workflow using a relevant endpoint.


First, create an empty workflow with no changes to the content. For a detailed guide on how to do this, see Tutorial: Scheduling updates for published contents.

Next, create an endpoint for updating the content with the following settings:

ModelTopics, v1
topics_group_id(Enter the target topic group ID / content structure ID)

*Note: To create a new content post via API, select [insert] instead of [update] as the "Operation" setting.

Image from Gyazo Image from Gyazo

In the Swagger UI, try out your endpoint with the content to be updated in the request body.

Example Data
  "subject": "Kuroco updates - November 2022",
  "contents": "The official version has been released! For more details, visit our official website.",
  "open_flg": 1,
  "ymd": "2022-11-08",
  "approvalflow_id": 2

Make sure to substitute your own approval workflow ID into "approvalflow_id": 2.

You should see the updates reflected in the content, pending approval.
(If you modified the title/subject of the post, the old title will appear in parentheses.)

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To publish the updates, simply approve the workflow as usual.

More information

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