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Endpoint settings

You can add and update API endpoints on the API screen.
In order for clients to access Kuroco data, you need to set up endpoints that can modify the target resource.

This document describes the details of endpoint configurations.

Creating an endpoint

On the endpoint list screen, click [Configure endpoint] to open the endpoint configuration dialog.

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PathFollows the fixed format of: /rcms_api/{api_id}/. The first part of the path, /rcms_api/xxx/, cannot be changed.
  • In general, you should name the path based on how the endpoint is used, such as based on "model + behavior".
    For example, login, content/news, member/insert.
ModelSee: Model categories for a detailed description of each category/model/operation.
Values such as "v1" in the dropdown menu next to the model type indicate the version of each endpoint model.
SummaryOverview of the API. This information will be displayed on the endpoint list/Swagger UI screen.
DescriptionDetailed description of the API, including how to use it, if necessary. This information will be displayed on each endpoint on the Swagger UI screen.
The CommonMark notation can be used here.
AuthenticationAuthentication types:
  • None
  • GroupAuth
  • MemberCustomSearchAuth
If "GroupAuth" or "MemberCustomSearchAuth" is selected, the authorization of the logged-in user will be checked when using the API, and the request will be allowed only if the user has matching authorization.
CacheThe cache period of the API response in seconds. The cache will be automatically cleared when there is an update to the data to be retrieved, such as contents or members.
(Note: Since Kuroco is a pay-per-use service, we recommended that you configure the cache for media sites or other applications where a large number of requests are expected. We recommend a cache period of 1 day, 1 week, etc.)
Rate limitSet the number of requests allowed within a maximum of 3600 seconds. If the limit is exceeded, a '429 Too Many Requests' response will be generated.
Information on the rate limit status is contained in the following parts of the response header:
  • Limit number: x-rcms-ratelimit-limit
  • Remaining number of possible requests: x-rcms-ratelimit-remaining
  • Remaining time until reset: x-rcms-ratelimit-reset

Model categories

This section explains the category list for the "Model" field.

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tokenGet access token
reminderSend password reset e-mail / resets password
(when the user has forgotten their current password)
reset_passwordChange current password
(when the user remembers their current password)
profileGet login user information
gcs_infoGet information about the site-integrated GCS (Cloud Storage for Firebase)
firebaseTokenGet the authentication token of the site-integrated Firebase
LoginHistorylistGet login history


TopicslistGet content list
detailsGet content details
previewGet a preview of the content
insertAdd new content
updateUpdate content
deleteDelete content
draft_listGet draft list
draft_detailsGet draft details
draft_saveAdd new draft
waiting_for_approval_listGet the list of contents that are pending for approval
waiting_for_approval_detailsGet details of the content that is pending for approval
acceptApprove content
rejectReject content
bulk_upsertUpdate content in bulk
bulk_downloadDownload content in bulk
incrementIncrease or decrease the value of "counter" field(s) in the content
TopicsCategorylistGet category list
TopicsGrouplistGet content structure list
detailsGet content structure details


MemberProvisionallistGet pre-member list
insertAdd new pending member
updateUpdate pending member
deleteDelete pending member
MemberlistGet member list
detailsGet member details
inviteInvite a member
insertAdd new member
updateUpdate current member
deleteDelete current member
bulk_upsertAdd/update members in bulk
MemberCustomSearchlistGet custom member filter list
detailsGet custom member filter details
insertAdd new custom member filter
updateUpdate custom member filter
deleteDelete custom member filter
identifyGet custom member filter that match the member information
MemberFormdetailsGet member field settings details
MemberGrouplistGet group list


CommentlistGet activity list
insertAdd new activity
updateUpdate activity
deleteDelete activity


FavoritelistGet favorite list
insertAdd new favorite
deleteDelete favorite


InquiryMessagelistGet form response list
detailsGet form response details
sendSend form response
updateUpdate form response
deleteDelete form response
bulk_upsertUpdate form response in bulk
InquiryFormlistGet form list
detailsGet form details
insertAdd new form
updateUpdate form
deleteDelete form
reportGet form report data


MagazinesendSend notification
deleteDelete message
subscribeSubscribe to notification
unsubscribeUnsubscribe from notification
listGet message list
MagazineSubscriberlistGet subscriber list
subscribeSubscribe to notification
unsubscribeUnsubscribe from notification
MagazineInfolistGet notification list


ECCartdetailsGet cart details
addAdd products to cart
updateUpdate products in cart
detailsGet payment method details
detailsGet subscription order details
insertAdd subscription order
detailsGet delivery details
ECShoplistGet shop list
detailsGet shop details
ECProductlistGet product list
detailsGet product details
ECOrderlistGet order list
detailsGet order details
totalGet order totals
purchasePurchase goods
cancelCancel order
insertAdd new order information


FilesuploadUpload files


TaglistGet tag list
insertAdd new tag
deleteDelete tag
TagCategorylistGet tag category list


MasterlistGet master list
insertAdd new master
updateUpdate master
deleteDelete master

Batch process

BatchwebhookExecute the batch process
listGet batch process list
check_batchGet batch process status


ApibulkExecute multiple API endpoint
listGet API list
openapi_dataGet the API openapi.json
request_apiExecute custom function via API (GET method)
request_api_postExecute custom function via API (POST method)
proxyProxies requests and responses. (GET method)
proxy_postProxies requests and responses. (POST method)
aggregateProxy multiple requests and responses. Responses are integrated and returned. (GET method)
add_siteAdd new Kuroco site
site_listKuroco site list
sso_credentialsProvides the authentication credentials for SSO between Kuroco sites.


ApprovalflowlistGet approval workflow list
reviewApprove or reject approval workflow data for the specified module type
Supported module types
  • Content
list_pendingGet approval workflow data list for the specified module type
Supported module types
  • Content
pending_detailGet approval workflow data details for the specified module type
Supported module types
  • Content


StripecheckoutGenerate subscription payment URL
cancel_orderCancel subscription


OprnAIchatGenerate answers using OpenAI
chat_contents_searchGenerate answers using OpenAI by referencing registered content.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.