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Default Batch Processing List

Kuroco provides the following default batch processing. When a batch processing is executed, computing fees based on usage will be charged. Please refer to this summary for managing usage-based billing.


You can check pre-executed batches and scheduled batches on the Batch process page.


TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
ec_process_downloadEvery 15 minutes if there are orders for downloadable productsProcesses sales for downloadable products and performs a series of operations required for downloading the corresponding products.
ec_auto_sale_regularEvery 15 minutes if there are orders for subscription productsProcesses sales for subscription products.
ec_order_expire_cancelEvery day at 3 AMCancels orders that have expired payment deadlines.
ec_regular_delivery_downloadEvery day at 2 AM if there are orders for subscription downloadable productsProcesses sales for subscription downloadable products.
ec_fix_pointAfter displaying EC > Point Settings, every day at 1 AM if there are provisional points that can be confirmedConfirms provisional points.
ec_expire_pointAfter displaying EC > Point Settings, every day at 1 AM if there are points that have expiredSets points as expired.


TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
cache_updateEvery day at 5 AM after displaying the API Menu List
Also immediately executed when the cache clear button in API settings is pressed
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Clears the API settings cache.
api_execWhen an API is requested asynchronously (only possible for APIs that allow asynchronous calls)
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Executes the specified batch processing.


TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
topics_cleanup_update_historyWhen the checkbox for [Do not leave update history] is enabled and updated in Content Definition Editing
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Deletes the update history of the content.
topics_bulk_postprocessAfter the bulk upload process of the contentPerforms necessary processes after the bulk upload process of the content (such as recalculating the number of related tags).
sync_counterEvery hourSynchronizes the access count obtained from GA to each content.
topics_group_settings_postupdateAfter updating the content definition editingPerforms necessary processes after updating the content definition editing (such as rebuilding the index of the DB).
topics_uploadWhen [Send by batch processing] is pressed in Content Upload
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Uploads the content. It works when [Send by batch processing] is selected.
topics_downloadWhen [Send by batch processing] or [Execute file download in batch processing] is pressed in Content Download
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Downloads the content. It works when [Send by batch processing] is selected.
topics_keywordEvery hour when "Use template for keyword search" or "Convert to vector data" is checkedUpdates the data for keyword search based on the content of Keyword Template / Keyword Template (OpenAI).
If OpenAI keyword search is used, the openai_embeddings batch is also executed immediately.

My Page

TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
vaddyWhen [Update] button is pressed in VAddyPerforms vulnerability diagnosis using the external API VAddy.
Reference: Integrating with VAddy - Automated API endpoint diagnostics


TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
member_provisional_uploadWhen [Send by batch processing] is pressed in Pending member list - Upload
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Performs bulk upload of provisional members.
member_lumpWhen [Send by batch processing] is pressed in Member Upload
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Performs member upload. It works when [Send by batch processing] is selected.
loginid_remainder_to_userWhen the expiration date of the login permission becomes 30 days ago in Member Editing
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Sends a notification by email when the login ID expiration of the user becomes 1 month ago.


TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
magazine_sendmail_batWhen specifying the sending date and time in Editing Delivery Messages
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By specifying the sending date and time in Email Editing and setting it to "Waiting for Delivery", batch processing will be scheduled at that time.


TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
inquiry_bn_downloadWhen pressing [Generate download link for CSV] or [Generate download link for files] in Downloading
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Generate a download link for the submission data.

Batch Processing

TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
openflgSettingWhen specifying the content publication date and time in Publish settings
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Sets the content to be published or unpublished based on the specified publication date and time. Batch processing is scheduled at the specified date and time.

Approval Workflow

TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
scheduled_publishWhen specifying the approval flow publication date and time in Content editor
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Approves time-limited pending data.
approval_alertWhen the email notification is set in Approval Workflow Basic Settings and the set alert deadline has passed
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Sends an approval request notification email to the approver if there are pending approval data.

External System Integration

TitleExecution TimingExecution Content
openai_embeddingsEvery hour when OpenAI integration is configuredUpdates the OpenAI vector data for each content.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.