WYSIWYG custom color settings

​ Set custom font colors and background colors for each WYSIWYG field in Kuroco.

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Accessing the settings

In the content structure editor, click [Settings] for the WYSIWYG field whose color you want to change.

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Enter color codes separated by commas in "Custom colors" for options that you want to have available in WYSIWYG.

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Example settings

Enter the color codes shown below:


You should see the following color display in the corresponding content editor:

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  • You will need to configure each WYSIWYG field separately, including for multiple WYSIWYG fields within the same content group.
  • Only one set of settings can be applied to a single WYSIWYG field. For example, the font color palatte and font background color palette within a WYSIWYG field will be identical.

Using more than 16 colors

In the field settings dialog, select the box next to "Large color palette" to input more than 15 color codes.

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Setting custom colors in "Content input method"

You can also enter customColors::colorcode1,colorcode2,colorcode3,... directly under "Content input method" in the content structure editor. Select "WYSIWYG" as the input method.

Note: You can enter a maximum of 15 color codes here.

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