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The WYSIWYG editor

​The WYSIWYG editor in Kuroco contains a handy toolbar that enables users of all skill levels to create and edit content easily. Switch between WYSIWYG editing and HTML editing for greater customization of your content.

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In a WYSIWYG editor, automatic corrections may occur for HTML tags, such as removal of empty tags, removal of script tags, and completion of unknown tags. If you want to strictly control the HTML, please use the HTML field.

Tool icons

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Switch between WYSIWYG editing and html editing (i.e., source mode). After editing in source mode, click the icon again to view the layout of your text.
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Full screen
Switch between in-line and full-screen modes.
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Select the heading level.
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Text alignment
Select the text aligment.
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Switch between bold (B.png) and regular typeface.
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Switch between italic (I.png) and regular typeface.
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Switch between underlined (U.png) and regular typeface.
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Insert image or file
Insert an image or file from Google Cloud Storage. Firebase integration is required to use this feature. (See Tutorial: Cloud storage integration with Firebase for details.)
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Insert image
Insert an image directly from your local drive or through a URL link. Uploaded images will be automatically saved under the 'fiese/user/topoics_img/' directory in KurocoFiles or in the directory specified in 'Resources'.
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Insert media
Insert embedded media via URL link.
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Insert or edit existing links. Select the anchor text and click the icon to enter the link URL.Image from Gyazo
Enabling "Open in a new tab" sets the target attribute to "_blank".
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Insert table
Insert a table. Click the icon to select the number of rows and columns. For example:
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Font Size
Select the font size.
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Font Color
Select the text color.
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Font Background Color
Select the highlighter color of the text.
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Font Family
Select the font.
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Bulleted List
Format the selected text into a bulleted list.
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Numbered List
Format the selected text into a numbered list.
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Block quote
Format the selected text (one or more paragraph(s).png) into a blockquote.
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Insert code block
Format the selected text into a code block. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the icon to select the programming language.
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Undo the previous action.
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Reverse the previous "undo" action.
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Find and replace
Find all instances of a target string (e.g., text, number, or symbol) and replace it with another string. Click the settings icon to configure case and whole-word matches (see below).
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Call up a pre-saved WYSIWYG template.
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Show more items
Display hidden icons.

Customizing the toolbar

You can customize the icons displayed when configuring the WYSIWYG editor as an additional field. For more details, see User guide: Content structure editor - Additional fields.

Available configuration options include mainly

  • Width
  • Height
  • Delete plugin
  • Custom colors
  • Large color palette
  • Simple toolbar
  • Use font size px

Sample configuration

In the content structure editor, under "Field settings" for WYSIWYG, enter the following:

Delete plugin:italic, underline
Large color palette:Enable
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You should see the field below in the corresponding content editor:

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Specifiable strings for plugin removal

You can remove unwanted icons from the toolbar by specifying a string in the "Delete plugin" field of the "Field settings".

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The specifiable icons and their corresponding strings are as follows:

Source SourceEditing
FullScreen fullScreen
Heading heading
Text alignment alignment
Bold bold
Italic italic
Underline underline
Insert image or folder ckfinder
Insert image insertImage
Insert media mediaEmbed
Link link
Insert table insertTable
Font Size fontSize
Font Color fontColor
Font Background Color fontBackgroundColor
Font Family fontFamily
Bulleted List bulletedList
Numbered List numberedList
Block quote blockQuote
Insert code block codeBlock
Undo undo
Redo redo
Find and replace findAndReplace

More Information


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.