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API Post-processing

Change the API response using this functionality.

Accessing the post-processing settings

In the left sidebar menu, click [API] and select the desired API.

Image from Gyazo In the endpoint list, click [Post-processing] for the API endpoint you want to edit.

Image (fetched from Gyazo) Click [Add] to open the post-processing setup menu.

Image from Gyazo

Post-processing setup

Add, delete, or modify post-processing blocks in the settings.

Block types

ModuleName of the module.
White listDisplays only the specified fields in response. For nested fields, use . separators (i.e., data.content.title). List items are processed automatically: specify only the subfield names and not the list index for each one (e.g., list.title returns the title field for each list item).
Edit blockRenames, removes, or changes the field content using functions. For nested fields, use . separators (i.e. data.content.title -> subject). These functions take the same format as PHP, Smarty, or RCMS functions:
  • Truncate
  • Trim
  • Strtotime
  • Date Format
  • RCMS Date Format
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Sprintf
  • Nl2Br
  • FileSize
  • ImageSize


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