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Form list

The form list screen allows you to manage form settings and replies.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Campaign] -> [Form] to access the form list.

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Item descriptions

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SearchYou can search the inquiry forms by applying different filters.
IDUnique ID of the form (automatically assigned).
StatusIndicates if the form is currently active.
TitleTitle of the form.
DefaultNumber of emails sent from the form with a default notification status.
TotalTotal number of form submissions.
ReportLinks to a report of the responses to the current inquiry.
SortSets the sort number of the form. After entering the numbers, click [Update sorting] to sort the entries in descending numerical order.
Updated onDate and time of the last update.

Batch actions

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You can perform the following batch actions by selecting multiple categories using the checkboxes in the left-most column.

EnableActivates the selected inquiry forms.
DisableInactivates the selected forms.
DeleteDeletes the selected forms.
Update sortingRe-sorts all forms in descending order based on sort number.


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