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Tag Upload

You can add/ update tags in one batch by uploading a CSV file here.

How to access Tag Upload page

Click [Content] -> [Tag].
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Click [Tag] above the page title and click [Upload] in the dropdown menu.
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Tag Upload Item Description

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File setting(Tag)Click [Choose file] and select CSV file to upload.
You can download the sample file to check the format by clicking [Download sample] link.
UpdateYou can reflect the contents of the uploaded CSV file.

The action when updating tags

  • Add: If the tag ID is empty, it will be added.
  • Update: If the tag ID already exists, it will be updated.
  • Delete: By specifying the tag ID and put 1 on the delete flag, it will be deleted.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.