Notification list

The notification list screen allows you to verify the existing list of notifications.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Campaign] -> [Notification].

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Item descriptions

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SearchFilter by notification channel.
IDUnique ID of the notification (automatically assigned).
StatusIndicates if the notification is currently active.
TitleTitle of the notification. Click to go to the notification basic settings screen.
ChannelType of alert that the notification sends.
Pending e-mailsNumber of outgoing notification e-mails (scheduled to be sent).
Back issuesNumber of notification e-mails sent.
DraftsNumber of notification e-mail drafts.
SubscriberNumber of subscribers to the notification.
AddClick to create a new notification through the notification editor screen.

Batch actions

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You can perform the following batch actions by selecting multiple notifications using the checkboxes in the left-most column.

ActivateActivates the selected notifications.
PauseInactivates the selected notifications.
DeleteDeletes the selected notifications.

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