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The tracking screen enables you to view and track analytics for a selected notification.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, select [Campaign] -> [Notification].

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On the notification list screen, click the title you want to track.

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Then, on the notification editor screen, click the "Tracking" tab.

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IDUnique ID of the message (automatically generated).
SubjectSubject line of the message. Clicking this redirects you to the Message editor screen.
RecipientsNotification recipient(s).
SentTotal copies of the message that have been sent.
DeliveredNumber of message copies that have been successfully delivered to the receipients' inboxes.
BounceNumber of message copies that thave bounced (failed to be delivered).
Open rateNumber (and percentage) of message copies opened by recipients.
Click countNumber of times URL links in message copies have been clicked. If the message contains multiple links, the click count for each URL is listed separately.
Delivery start timeStarting date and time of the message delivery.


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