Using your own API domain with KurocoFront

This tutorial describes how to use your own API domain with KurocoFront. Note that you must have permission to set DNS records for the domain you are using.

Using your API domain

1. Input your domain

In the left sidebar menu, select [KurocoFront] -> [Original domain/TLS certificate] and input your desired domain in the "Original API domain" text field.

Do not include any trailing slashes or subdomains.

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When you are done, click [Add].

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Once the API domain has been added, it cannot be changed. If you entered an incorrect domain, please contact our Support Team to request a change.

After a slight delay, you should see the following DNS record details:

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2. Configure the DNS records

The next step is to configure the DNS records. Follow the instructions below to set up your CNAME/A records.

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DNS record settings vary depending on the domain provider. Please refer to the following article and check with your domain registrar for details.
-Google Domains Help: Manage domain name servers

After the DNS records have been set up, the status will change from "Authenticating... / Not yet" to "OK".

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It takes some time for the record settings to take effect. If the "OK" status does not appear, please wait briefly and then click [Reload].

3. Update your API domain

Next, update the API domain in your account settings to the one you set up above. Under "SETTINGS" in the sidebar menu, go to [Environment] -> [Account].

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The API domain you entered will appear in the "API domain" field. Select it and click [Update] at the bottom of the screen.

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Your API domain can now be used.

More information

Refer to the tutorial below on how to set up your own domain:

If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.