Using your own custom domain name on KurocoFront

This tutorial explains how to use your own domain name on KurocoFront. To do this, you need permission to configure the corresponding DNS records. You also need to set up a new TLS certificate.

Setting up your custom domain name

1. Enter your custom domain

In the sidebar menu, click [KurocoFront] -> [Custom domain/TLS certificate] and enter your domain in the text field.

Do not include trailing slashes or directories at the end.

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Click [Add].

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Once you add your domain, you cannot change it.
If you have entered the wrong domain name, please contact our Support Team.

After a slight delay, the required DNS records will appear on the screen.

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2. Configure the DNS records

Configure the CNAME and A records using the information shown below.

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Note: DNS record settings may vary depending on your domain provider. Please check with your provider for detailed instructions.

After configuring the DNS records, you should see an "OK" status beside each one.

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It takes some time for the record settings to take effect. If the "OK" status does not appear, please wait briefly and then click [Reload].

3. Update your front-end domain

When all entries display the "OK" status, click [Environment] -> [Account] in the sidebar to go to the account settings.

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From there, select your new domain and click [Update] at the bottom of the screen.

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Your custom domain name can now be used. Click [Top page] in the sidebar menu to see your site at this domain.

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Please note that it may take up to 20 minutes for the TLS certificate to be reflected on the CDN.

4. Modify your YAML file

If you have created a YAML file for use with KurocoFront, it needs to modified. In the left sidebar menu, click [KurocoFront] -> [GitHub].

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Verify the contents in "GitHub Actions workflow file front-end domain" under "Repository".

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Under name: Webhook, you will see that "domain" has been changed to your custom domain name.

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Change the domain in your YAML file to the one you have configured. There are two domain settings in the file, so make sure you modify both.

For a tutorial on setting up KurocoFront, see: How to deploy the source from GitHub to KurocoFront.

More information

To troubleshoot common problems when setting up your custom domain, see:

To using your own API domain, see:

If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or Slack workspace.