File credit and description information


Credit information helps to accurately attribute the creator or owner of a file for their work, while description makes it easier for others to understand the purpose and content of the file. In certain cases, including credit and description information may be legally required, particularly for copyrighted materials. Adding credit and description metadata to a file can be accomplished using the KurocoFiles(Database) resource/directory of the File Manager.

How to setup

Click KurocoFiles(Database) from File manager
Note that, credit and description information can only be put to files in this directory.

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Right-click on the desired file that you wish to add the information to, and select "File Metadata" option.

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In the "File Metadata" window, you can then can enter credit and description for the file.

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That's it. This information will be stored with the file and can be used to identify the source and purpose of the file.

Check credit and description

You can find the credit and description of your file in the Content API response.

Create content structure

First, let's have a content structure with an extension column with File (from File manager) type.

From the Content structure list, Click [Add].

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Configure the following settings.

NameMy Content
ID=1Field settings: File (from File manager)
Field name: My Image
Identifier: my_image

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Once configured, click "Add" to add content structure.

Add content

Create a new content and attach the file to the extension column you created in the previous step.

From the Contents List screen, click [Add].

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Enter the following and click [Add].

TitleMy Image
My ImageFile with credits and description added

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Create endpoint

Create an endpoint that fetches the content. This will allow you to retrieve the file and its associated metadata from the Content API.

From the API screen, click [Add new endpoint].

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Create the following endpoint.

topics_group_idID of content structure

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Once configured, click [Add] to add the endpoint.

Check the response in the Swagger UI

Click [Swagger UI] from the target API.
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Click [Try it Out] on the Topics::list endpoint
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Click [Execute].

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You should receive an API response that includes the credit and description metadata for the file.

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If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or Slack workspace.