The backup screen enables you to create backup files of the data stored in Kuroco using two formats:

  • dump files for PostgreSQL
  • compressed files for images, JS, CSS, etc.

You can use it to extract the necessary image files and export data during site migration and other processes. However, you cannot restore your Kuroco settings from the backup.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, under "SETTINGS", click [Environment] -> [Backup].

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Item descriptions

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MemoEnter a note or comment here to be included with the backup.
BackupClick to generate the backup files.
(Note: Only the most recent generation of backup files will be displayed on the Kuroco management screen. Previous backups will be overwritten.)
ReloadClick to refresh the screen and verify if the backup has been completed. It takes some time after clicking the [Backup] button for the files to be generated.
StatusStatus of the backup (in process or completed).
Backup dateDate and time of the backup.
MemoMemo included with the backup.
SizeSize of the backup files and database.
LinkClick [Get download URL] to access the download links for the backup.
(Note: All download links expire after 1 hour. When the active URLs have expired, the [Get download URL] link will reappear under this column.)

If you have any other questions, please use our contact form or Slack workspace.