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In the billing information, you can verify information related to your billing and register your credit card.


Kuroco usage fees are checked daily, and if usage exceeds the free limit, the maintenance mode will be turned on automatically. By registering your credit card, you can unlock the maintenance mode caused by exceeding the free limit.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, select [Environment] -> [Billing]. Image from Gyazo

Field descriptions

Image from Gyazo

Billing information

This month(Unsettled)Kuroco usage fees for this month will be displayed.
Last MonthKuroco usage fees for the previous month will be displayed.
Monthly cost monitoring alert thresholdThe amount of the monthly cost monitoring alert threshold is displayed.
Clicking on "Settings" will take you to "Account settings" (/docs/management/account/) where you can enter
Payment methodThe payment method will be displayed.
Credit cardClick "Register" or "Change" to go to the credit card registration screen.

E-mail notification

NameEnter the name under which you would like email notifications sent.
Billing information e-mail addressEnter the email address to which email notifications will be sent.
UpdateClick to update the email notification you have entered.

Payment History

DateThe date of payment will be displayed.
TitleThe title of the payment will be displayed.
Billing amountThe amount you paid will be displayed.
StatusThe status of your payment will be displayed.
ReceiptClick on the "Receipt" link to view the receipt.

Other Notes:

Regarding the minimum payment amount when paying by credit card, if the amount billed for the relevant month is less than 50 yen, we will carry over the charge to the following month.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.