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The usage screen displays your fees and usage details.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, under "SETTINGS", select [Environment] -> [Usage].

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Field descriptions


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Year and monthFilter by year and month of use.

Cost of all managed sites

The "Cost of all managed sites" section provides a breakdown of the total cost.

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You can select a single site in the dropdown list to view its cost breakdown separately.

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Pricing model

The pricing model is as follows:

Daily usage

This section shows the daily usage for all managed sites by sub-category. These sub-categories provide a more detailed breakdown of pricing categories in the "Cost of all managed sites" section.

Furthermore, by clicking on [Download], you can download the daily usage fees for the displayed month in CSV format.

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Sub-categoryCorresponding pricing category
Cached API requestCached API request
API requestAPI request
API data transferData transfer
API additional processing timeComputing
KurocoFront data transferData transfer
KurocoFiles data transferData transfer
Batch processing timeComputing
DB storageFile storage
File storageFile storage
KurocoFront file storageFile storage
Log storageFile storage
Backup file storageFile storage

Pricing calculation

Costs are calculated by rounding up the actual count/unit value to the nearest decimal point and multiply it by the unit price.

For example, for a site with 100 API requests, actual count/unit = 100/1000 = 0.1. (Actual count = 100 hits; unit = 1000 hits.)
A decimal value of 0.1 would be rounded up to 1.
Multiplying 1 by a unit price of $0.46 yields a total cost of $0.46 for API requests.


The total cost is billed as the combined amount for the entire month. However, for file storage only, the largest value incurred during the aggregation period is used for billing.

For example, the following file storage usages were recorded for the month:

  • February 1: 1 GB
  • February 2: 2 GB
  • February 3: 1 GB

You will be billed a total of $1.0 (2 GB × $0.5/GB) for the largest usage, which occurred on February 2.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.