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Site settings

The site settings screen allows you to verify and update the settings for the entire site.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, under "SETTINGS", click [Environment] -> [Site settings].

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Item descriptions


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Download CSV for ExcelWhen checked, tabs are attached to data that contains only numbers. As a result, it prevents the leading 0 from disappearing when opening data such as 001 in Excel.


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Favorite function e-mail notificationSend a notification e-mail after adding a favorite.
Restricted posting IP addressRestrict posting for "Activity" by IP address. Please enter the IP addresses separated by a new line.
An IP address can be specified either as a single address or using CIDR notation.
Form domain blacklistEnter the domains which are not allowed to enter in the form separated by line breaks.


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Membership cancellation completion notificationNotify members by e-mail after the membership cancellation through API request has been completed. (It will not notify if the member is deleted from the admin panel.)
Member edit e-mail notification e-mail addressesEnter the e-mail address(es) to which you would like to receive member edit notification e-mails. It is linked to the "editing address" in Email notification on the member details settings screen.
Member registration domain whitelistEnter the domains of email addresses that are allowed to register, separated by line breaks.
Member registration domain blacklistEnter the domains of email addresses that are NOT allowed to register, separated by line breaks.
Temporary member registration e-mail validity periodValidity period of temporary registration e-mail (minutes)
Maximum password lengthEnter the maximum length of the passowrd to be set.
Password blacklist[=login_id] Not allowed to be the same as Login ID
[=email] Not allowed to be the same as e-mail address
Enter a new line separator for each blacklist. (e.g. 12345)
Password reminder e-mail validity periodPassword reminder e-mail validity period (minutes)
Send password change completion notification emailEnabling it will allow notification emails to be sent when updating the password at the Login::reminder endpoint.
Minimum password lengthEnter the minimum length of the passowrd to be set.
Change password when logging in for the first timeLet users change their passwords when they log in for the first time, or when they log in after the administrator has changed the password.
Password expiration daysEnter the password expiration days.
Password must have a symbolThe login password must contain at least one symbol.
Past passwords cannot be usedProhibits the use of past passwords for a set number of consecutive generations.
Login lockAfter five failed login attempts, the account will be locked.
Authentication codeSelect whether to use the authentication code or not.


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Premium membership expiration notification daysNumber of days before the expiration date to be notified.
PING destination serverThese are servers that automatically send a ping when a content has been updated. By sending a ping from these servers, users will be notified when a content has been updated, making it easier for users to access the content. It is also possible to set this for each content.
Maximum file upload sizeSpecify the maximum file size allowed when uploading files to content from the admin screen.
Disable "Display files in primary language when there are no images or files in secondary language"By checking, contents be displayed by setting both primary and secondary language.

After you have configured the desired settings, click [Update] at the bottom of the screen to apply all changes. Image from Gyazo


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.