Management Plugin

On this page you can inject custom plugins to Kuroco management pages. Currently, Kuroco supports 2 types of plugins :

  • Vue.js
  • CSS

How to access to Management Plugin page

From the Account Settings page, click the [MngPlugin] tab. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

Management Plugin Item Description

Image (fetched from Gyazo)

NameDisplays the name of the plugin.
TypeDisplays the type of the plugin (CSS or Vue.js).
SourceSpecifies where the plugin is located.
TargetSpecifies the management page and slot where the plugin should be loaded.
PropsIn case of Vue.js plugin, you can insert a JSON object with initial props to be read by your plugin. Some specific pages and slots add additional props data.
Last updatedDisplays the date and time when the plugin was last updated.
EditClick [Update] to open the plugin editing area.
DeleteClick [Delete] to remove the plugin.

How to add and edit Management Plugin

Click [Add Plugin] to add, or [Update] to edit, to open the edit page of the Management Plugin.
After entering the content, click [Add] or [Update] to reflect the entered content. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

Plugin NameEnter a name for the plugin.
TypeSet the type of the plugin.
Source Component Name:For Vue.js type, Kuroco supports MPA-style applications. Please input the component name of an entry point in your MPA here.
Example: MyEntryPoint
Source URL:The location where the application is uploaded. It could be any domain
Source Manifest Keys:For Vue.js type, please input semicolon separated list of Webpack manifest keys of your app's components to be loaded in order. The value depends on your webpack code splitting & chunks configuration.
Example: MyEntryPoint.js;vendors.*
Target Page Uri:The relative URI of Kuroco management page that will load your plugin. Please omit /management prefix of the URI. Also, it is possible to specify any custom page : in this case, this page will become accessible with your plugin as exclusive content.
Target Slot Name:Plugins can be loaded in various locations depending on the value. Some pages support specific slots. Please refer to the table below
Target Slot Params:Some pages accept slot params in order to configure specific conditions to load the plugins. For example, Contents Edit page may load a plugin only for a specific Group
Initial propsIf you want to pass configurable props to your plugin, you can input them here as JSON object.
Example: {"my_prop": "my_prop_value"}

Available slots & slot parameters

Vue.js plugins

Page UriAvailable slotsAvailable slot parameters
/member/member_edit/Item name-

CSS plugins

Page UriAvailable slotsAvailable slot parameters