Text (SMS)

The text (SMS) screen enables you to configure settings for integrating Twilio into your website.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, under "SETTINGS", click [External system integration] -> [Text (SMS)].

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Item descriptions

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Text (SMS)Option to enable the text message (SMS) function.
Account SIDYour Twilio account SID.
Account tokenYour Twilio account token.
Twilio phone numberYour Twilio phone number.
UpdateClick to apply the changes you made on this screen.

Sample usage

After configuring the text (SMS) settings, copy the following code into the batch process or original process to send text messages.

{sendmail var=result to="(phone number)@twilio.r-cms.jp" subject="Test" contents="This is a test"}

Use the Twilio(SMS) template in [Operation] -> [Message template].

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