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The WordPress screen enables you to import XML data and media files from WordPress into Kuroco.

Accessing the screen

Under "SETTINGS", select [External system integration] -> [WordPress].

Image from Gyazo

Field descriptions

Image from Gyazo

WordPress XML fileSelect the XML file exported from WordPress.
Select preuploaded XML or ZIP compressed XML fileSelect the preuploaded XML or ZIP compressed XML file.
WordPress media TAR fileSelect the media TAR file exported from WordPress.
Import modeSelect the Import mode.
Target contentSelect the content structure you want to import into.
StatusSelect the publish status of the imported content.
No value behaviorSelect the action to be taken in the case of an empty value.
Content categorySelect the category to which the imported content belongs.
ValidateClick to execute the import.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.