The VAddy screen enables you to configure settings for integrating VAddy into your website.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, under "SETTINGS", click [External system integration] -> [VAddy].

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Item descriptions

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Click here to signup for VAddyClicking this link redirects you to the VAddy sign-up page with an automatically assigned service code.
Server FQDNServer FQDN for the VAddy project.
User ID (VADDY_USER)Your VAddy user ID.
API auth key (VADDY_TOKEN)API authentication key (VADDY_TOKEN) from VAddy's WebAPI settings page.
Project IDYour VAddy project ID.
Project numberYour VAddy project number.
Verification fileName of the server owner verification file you obtained on VAddy.
(Note: This field is for the filename, not the contents of the file. The name should begin with vaddy- and ends in the .html extension.)
Crawl IDYour VAddy crawl ID.
UpdateClick to apply the changes you made on this screen.