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The custom domain I set up is not displaying my site. What checks should I perform?

If the custom domain name you have set up is not displaying your site or is displaying an error message, please verify the following.

Custom domain/TLS certificate check

Make sure your domain has been configured correctly. Go to [KurocoFront] -> [Custom domain/TLS certificate] and verify that the domain status is "OK".

Image from Gyazo A status of "Authenticating..." indicates that some settings may not have been configured correctly.

Image from Gyazo See Tutorial: Using your own custom domain name on KurocoFront on how to configure your domain settings.

GitHub integration check

Check if the integration with GitHub is working properly. Go to [KurocoFront] -> [GitHub] and verify the following:

  • Repository: Is the target repository selected?
  • GitHub integration target: Is the target branch selected?

Image from Gyazo If you have not set up GitHub integration, see Tutorial: How to deploy the source from GitHub to KurocoFront.

kuroco_front.json file check

Before using KurocoFront, you should make sure that kuroco_front.json is saved in the correct location.

For more information, see [FAQ: What is kuroco_front.json?] (/docs/faq/what-is-kuroco_front_json/).

.github/workflows YAML file check

To build your project with KurocoFront, create a YAML file under the .github/workflows directory. The content of this file should be identical to the content shown in "Repository - GitHub Actions workflow file Front-end domain" on the [KurocoFront] -> [GitHub] screen. The YAML file also contains your custom domain. Therefore, when copying the repository or editing the domain, remember to check this file as well.

Image from Gyazo For more information about the .github/workflows YAML file, see "4. Place YAML file under .github/workflows" in Tutorial: How to deploy the source from GitHub to KurocoFront.

Other sources of error

If the the problem persists after verifying all the above, please contact us for further assistance through our Inquiry Form.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.