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Can a site be displayed without "www" on its own domain?

Setting Method

Access [Environment] -> [Custom Domain/TLS Certificate] to set it up.

Enter the redirect domain and click [Add].

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The Domain ownership verification and DNS records for the domain will be displayed, here you can set up the DNS.


It takes time for DNS record and TLS certificate CDN to take into effect. If it is not updated, please wait for a while and click [Reload].

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Once it is OK, the setup is complete.

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Redirect Specifications

  • The redirect will be a 301 redirect.

  • The redirect will be to the same directory structure. Example: ->

  • Even if accessed with http://, it will automatically redirect to https://. Example: -> ->


Only one domain can be set as a redirect domain, and its intended use is to redirect a domain without "www" to one with "www".

If you want to implement multiple redirects, contact our support.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.