App Log

You can check the app log here.

How to access App Log page

Select Operations from the menu bar and click [App Log]. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

App Log Item Description

Image (fetched from Gyazo)

timestampDisplays the date and time the log was recorded.
hostSite where the process has occurred
levelLogging level indicating the importance of the message.
message1Complementary information about the log (part 1/5)
message2Complementary information about the log (part 2/5)
message3Complementary information about the log (part 3/5)
message4Complementary information about the log (part 4/5)
message5Complementary information about the log (part 5/5)
uriUri of the page that was accessed
remote_addrIP address of the user
member_idMember ID of the user
rcms_request_idTechnical unique request identifier
uaDisplays the user agent used for the process.