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Log management

Log Management allows you to see the list of members who have logged into Kuroco management screen and the number of times they have logged in.

 Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, select [Operation] -> [Log management].
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 Field descriptions

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Filter conditions

You can filter the logs easily using the keyword, log date and time search, and advanced search functions.

Enter the keyword related to the log you want to search.
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Specify the date range of the log. The default is to display login information for the past year.
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If you click the "Advanced Search" button, you can specify the number of items to be displayed.
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The following option is available: | Item | Description | | :--- | :--- | | Items per page | Select the number of results to be displayed on one page of the search results list from the pull-down menu. |

Field descriptions

The data items listed in the log are as follows.

NameDisplays the name of the logged-in member.
GroupDisplays the group to which the logged-in member belongs.
E-mailDisplays the email address of the logged-in member.
Login IDDisplays the login ID of the logged-in member.
Last loginDisplays the date and time the member last logged in.
Login countDisplays the number of times the member has logged in during the period.


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SearchSearch based on the above settings.
DownloadDownload a list of the displayed logs.

Log list download

After clicking [Download] button, the download settings will open.
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CharsetCharacter encoding for the output CSV file.
CancelCancel downloading.
Download CSVExecute downloading.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.