KurocoFiles Log

You can check the access log to files inside Kuroco.

How to access KurocoFiles Log page

Click [Operation] -> [Log management].
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Click [Log management] above the page title and click [KurocoFiles Log] in the dropdown menu.
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KurocoFiles Log Item Description

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Filtering using uri

You can use the filtering by uri.

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Input the desired uri in [uri] text box and click [Search] button. It filters in partial match.

log list

timestampthe date and time when the log was registered
cache_statusIt shows whether the cache was used for the request. See Cache status for the detail.
requestHTTP method
statusHTTP response status code
responseAPI response message
uriURI endpoint tp which the request was sent
client_ipIP address of the user who sent the request
api_access_tokenaccess token which was sent with the request
execution_timerequest execution time of the server
body_sizebody size of HTTP request
request_refererURL of the website right before the currently requested page
request_user_agentthe user agent who requested the API
geo_citythe place information where the user
geo_country_codecountry code of the user
io_infoFastly image optimizer data
request_idFastly request ID
rcms_request_idKuroco request ID

Cache status

There are following 3 kinds of status.

HITThere was a request from the cache.
MISSReached the server without finding the cache.
PASSCould not cache.

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