Here you can check the API Log.

How to access to API Log page

Select Operations from the menu bar and click the [API Log]. Image (fetched from Gyazo)

API Log Item Description

Image (fetched from Gyazo)

timestampDisplays the date and time the log was recorded.
cache_statusIndicates whether this request was served by the cache
requestHTTP method of the request
statusHTTP status code of the response
responseAPI response message
uriEndpoint URI where the request was made
client_ipIP address of the user that made the request
api_access_tokenAuthentication information (token) that was passed with the request
execution_timeTime used by the server to process the request and generate the response
body_sizeByte size of the response body
request_refererReferer header with by the request
request_user_agentDisplays the user agent that requested the API.
geo_cityCity code from geolocalization data
geo_country_codeCountry code from geolocalization data
io_infoFastly's image optimizer data
request_idTechnical unique identifier of the request used by Fastly
rcms_request_idTechnical unique identifier of the request used by Kuroco