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Member analysis

On the member analysis screen, you can verify the member count and summary statistics for the extended item settings.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Member] -> [Member].

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On the member list screen, click the [Member] link above the page title and select [Member analysis] in the dropdown menu.

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Item descriptions

Total members

The total members section provides information about the number of registered users.

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Total membersTotal number of currently registered members.
Active members (logged in within the last month)Number of members who have logged in some time within the last month.
Deleted membersNumber of users who have deactivated their membership.
Number of candidates for e-mail deliveryNumber of users with an e-mail address entered under "ID information".

Extensions summary

This section of the screen summarizes the extended item settings.

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Extended item nameName of the extended item. The following input types are included in the summary:
  • Single choice (dropdown list)
  • Single choice (radio buttons)
  • Multiple choice (checkboxes)
Extended item optionsOptions for the extended item.
Member countNumber of members who have selected this option.
Note: Members who have not selected any of the specified options are included under the "Other" category.
Member percentagePercentage of members who have selected this option (rounded to the nearest whole number).


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