Member download

The member download screen enables you to download member information in bulk.

Accessing the screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Campaign] -> [Member].

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On the member list screen, click the [Member] link above the page title and select [Download] in the dropdown menu.

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Member list download

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Download by group(s)Click [Select the output group(s).] to choose the user group lists you want to download.
Extract data with custom searchFilter the download list using existing custom search conditions.
Output patternSelect the list output criterion:
  • Download 1 ~ X: Downloads a list of all members.
  • Random _ items (within X): Randomly selects the specified number of members to be included in the downloaded list.
CharsetCharacter encoding of the output CSV file.
Output columns settingsClick [Select the output column(s).] to include items as columns in the output CSV file.


DownloadDownload a list of members based on the above settings.
File downloadDownload any files uploaded in the member [Profile information] tab (see Member files section below).

Member files

To add a file to your member profile, create a new field on the Member - Extended item settings screen with [Files] selected as the input type.

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Then, go to the [Profile information] tab of the corresponding member editor and select the file you want to upload. Please note that only one file is allowed per field, and when you upload a new file, any existing ones will be overwritten.

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For more information on setting up member files, refer to the following user guide documents:

If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.