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Scheduling updates for published contents


This tutorial explains how to schedule an update on a content post for a specified date and time using an approval workflow.

What you'll learn

Content updates are scheduled through the following steps:

Before you start

To use this tutorial, you should have an existing published content post with some editable content. For a detailed guide on how to create content groups and posts, see the tutorial Creating topic groups.
For demo purposes, we will be using a post entitled "General info" under the content group "Announcements".

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Also, you should have set up a member group called "Admin". For more information, see Tutorial: Creating groups.

Approval workflow setup

Creating a new workflow

In the left sidebar menu, select [Operation] -> [Approval workflow].

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On the workflow list screen, click [Add] in the upper right corner.

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We will create a new workflow called "Update content".
Input the following information in the "Basic settings" tab of the editor:

NameEnter Update content, and select "Enabled".
ContentsSelect "Announcements".

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For this tutorial, we will use the default e-mail settings, which are automatically populated.

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Submitting the workflow for approval

After filling in the Workflow editor, you will be redirected to the Flow settings screen. Input the following information and click [Update].

Approver group nameContent workflow approvers
Approver settingsSelect "Group" and choose "Admin" in the dropdown list.

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In addition to members/groups selected here, superusers and content editors (with admin panel privileges) can also grant approval for all workflows. For more information about user types, see User guide: Group editor - Basic settings.

Configuring the workflow settings in the post editor

From the sidebar menu, select [Content] and click the target content group. On the content list screen, select the title of the content you want to modify.
For this tutorial, we are using "Announcements" -> "General info".

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Make the desired changes in the content field.

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Then, fill in the "Approval workflow settings" section and then click [Update]

WorkflowUpdate content
Approval date and timeSelect the date and time to release the content update.

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Approving the workflow (for approvers)

A "Pending approval" list will be displayed at the top of the screen. From this list, click the title of the post to be approved (in this case "General info").

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Verify the content to be updated and click [Approve] at the bottom of the screen.

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The content update will be released at the scheduled date and time.

Verifying the list of approved contents pending release

After a post has been approved, it will have label [Approved] under the "Updated on" column.

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Clicking [>>Approved and scheduled to be published list] will take you to the batch list screen, which displays a list of all approved contents that are currently pending release.

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More information

For more information on workflows and content update scheduling, see:


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.